The Anti-Rush: a day of making time

As a Londoner there is a common expectation that you’re busy all the time. It’s the capital, an all accepting and always moving city without limits. It’s why we walk so quickly past tourists with our places to be, and explains why every other high-street shop sells coffee. Unfortunately it can also come with the hazard where your hobbies and personal interests get buried behind the line “I haven’t had chance”. Even with my past Circuses (the title we give for our personal development days at work), the tasks I’d undertaken ended up ambitious to the point that a day away from routine became busier than ever — ok, yes. They were extremely productive, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a trend I wanted to break. I wanted to use this opportunity to “have the chance” to do some of the many things in my catalogue of interests and hobbies otherwise left on the back burner. So my day of personal exploration was spent away from screens, the 25/8 Londoner lifestyle and specifically towards drawing.

Lesson One: Take a minute to look after yourself

…and obviously say good morning to my best buddy Meeko the hedgehog as per usual. Start of the day complete, I now meant to keep going on.

Lesson Two: Break the ice

The V&A, My studio for the day
Piece #1 was all about getting back into the flow through increasing layers of detail

Lesson Three: don’t forget your roots

For piece #2 I tried to capture the drama and power through the medium

Lesson Four: keep yourself open

In piece #3 I sought to capture more lifelike movement in a still frame

Lesson Five: be journey orientated

For piece #4 it was time for colour and experimentation

Lesson Six: enjoy it

Piece #5 with just five minutes left

Lesson Seven: take opportunities

check him out on Spotify

All in all it was a fulfilling day, and my first Circus without a truly defined end. The most important aspect for me however — enjoyment of the whole experience aside — is shining a light on these lessons and hoping they might inspire someone, such as yourself, to go anti-rush and do the same; to make time and act on ‘that thing’ you wish you could find the chance to do.

Good luck.

This article was written by Robert Lloyd, Art Director at Vitamin London; a digital innovation studio who continues to try and Push the Possible, translating ideas into exciting experiences which are more accessible to everyone, and keeping both partners and their audiences in the spotlight.

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