I like beer and I don’t hide it. It’s not just the taste. For me, there’s so much more to it. It’s the stories and connections that come from sharing it. It’s the history, the culture, the design, and everything else in between.

Joining a business during a global pandemic certainly not something you’re able to prepare for. When you’re unable to build those relationships and bond over common interests it’s tough. With Circus comes the chance to Push the Possible and try something new.

Now, I’m no Brewer (some may now say I should be), and it’s something I’ve never tried before. I’ve always had it in my mind but never had the opportunity. With the pubs shut and everyone at home, the moment to reach out and connect with the team was there.

What if I could brew, bottle, design and deliver beer to the team to kick-start their weekends? In hindsight, I’d bitten off more than I could chew but I was certain the idea could be a success.

A quick search set me on my way. All the beer, gear, and absolutely no idea. Settling on a Fully Topped IPA with the accompanying kit from Bottle Topped I woke up on Circus morning like an excited child on Christmas.

Brewing beer isn’t hard, not when there are detailed step-by-step instructions, but the process wasn’t without complications. Those who had a chance to taste the product may have caught a hint of Go-Pro following a slight mishap during the documentation process…

It takes time to get to the finished product so it was important I planned accordingly. Get brewing, cool and set to one side for a couple of weeks before bottling and leaving for another fortnight. How that Circus wheel works its magic and avoided me, I’ll never know.

Onto the design… I’d initially wanted to incorporate each of our studios in some way. Important and key landmarks across London, Kyiv, Sofia and Truro were planned and sourced but it just didn’t work out the way I’d hoped. Time was of the essence to go to print and I wasn’t driving the novelty angle I’d led with initially. Working in the gifting market for almost a decade had given me that tongue-in-cheek packaging experience and I realised I could utilise that. Daily Dose was born, tying it in with the Multivitamin Group and a clever prescription design. Probably more than a Daily Dose when you look at the size of the bottle but needed after a long week all the same.

I may not have been able to share a beer with everyone, but hopefully someday soon. Onto Circus 2.0. Maybe something’s brewing…?



Dan Blackman | Studio Manager | Vitamin London

Digital. Innovation. Production. Based in London, Truro, Amsterdam, Sofia and Kyiv